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  2. Due to its varied background, Trinidad and Tobago has excellent and varied food options. In particular, the Indian roots have added to some of the best foods of any country in the world. If you can't tolerate extremely hot and spicy food, be sure to let the cook or waiter know in advance.

  3. Trinidad and Tobago dishes are often curried, stewed, or barbecued. An array of fish and seafood can be bought at local merchants throughout Trinidad and Tobago, such as flying fish, king fish, carite, prawns, sapatay, red fish, shrimp, bonito, lobster, conch and crab, tilapia and seasonal cascadura.

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  5. Vasha Foods Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of food products and distributor of local and imported fruits and vegetables in Trinidad & Tobago. Fresh Farms Division Fresh Farms supplies imported fruits and vegetables to wholesalers all over Trinidad & Tobago.

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  7. The cuisine of Tobago mimics the cuisine of Trinidad, for the most part, and at the resorts on Tobago's southern end, you can enjoy fresh, inspired menu creations from talented chefs. You'll find an array of restaurants at the Tobago resorts that specialize in both international cuisine and Trinidad and Tobago cuisine.

  8.  · Mariel explores Trinidad Street food in Debe, Woodbrook and St. James.

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  10.  · A culinary tradition passed down through generations. Many of Tobago's indigeneous culinary delights reveal just how much our ancestors valued nature's produce and how much they recognised that nothing should be wasted.. Years ago, every family had a garden where invariably corn and peas were grown. Pigeon peas stewed in coconut milk is a favourite and when the peas get hard, …

  11.  · Whether you're craving sweet, salty, or spicy food, you'll find Indian-inspired curries, tropical Caribbean fruits, and African flavors to whet your appetite on Trinidad. There's street food ...

  12.  · Ask anyone outside of Trinidad as to what they think of first when they hear the name Trinidad. They always echo the words Carnival!, Steel band! Calypso! Scantily clad bodies winding their waste rhythmically as if they are in a hurry to complete a …

  13. Food Prices in this country for some cities: Port of Spain, San Fernando, San Juan, Trinidad. We would like to gather more data for: Arouca, Barataria, Biche, Carenage, Cunupia, Curepe, D'Abadie, Diego Martin, Marabella, Mucurapo, Penal, ... Update information for Trinidad And Tobago!

  14.  · For recipes, visit Trinindad's street food abounds with Indian names like sahina, aloo pie and baghani. Trinny's, as Trinidadia...


  16. Trinidad and Tobago Food and Drink. Bars and restaurants open until late, with a very wide choice of local and Western food and drink. Chinese, Indian and West Indian cooking is available on both islands. Tobago also offers some notable seafood specialities and all types of fried fish.

  17. Armed with this article alone will not guarantee you a B.S .Degree in Trinidad-Tobago history but it will certainly give you an incisive and keen understanding regarding the fundamental forces that continue to shape Trinidad-Tobago Trinidad and Tobago consist of 23 islands. Trinidad is the biggest following by Tobago.

  18. Callaloo is the national dish of Trinidad and Tobago. It is a thick stew with the consistency of a soup. Callaloo is made from dasheen leaves and cooked with an assortment of herbs and spices.

  19.  · A large number of cultures have influenced the evolution of the Trinidad and Tobago culture. The distinct cultures that have a major influence on the culture of Trinidad and Tobago are Indian, African, Portuguese, Amerindian, Spanish, Chinese, and others. The country's links with the United Kingdom ...

  20. A s a result, our cuisine has been greatly influenced by the Amerindians, Africans, Indians, Europeans and the Chinese. In recent years, there has been a surge in foods originated in the Syrian and Lebanese community. Cuisine in Trinidad and Tobago is therefore ethnically marked.

  21. Trinidad and Tobago's enviable culinary landscape is a gastronomic narrative of flavours, encapsulating mouth-watering street food and fine dining cuisine. The unique cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is a reflection of the country's varied cultural influences, which includes Asian, African, Oriental, Creole and European delicacies - a journey ...

  22. Trinidad and Tobago - Labeling/Marking RequirementsTrinidad and Tobago - Labeling Overview of the different labeling and marking requirements, including any restrictive advertising or labeling practices and where to get more information.

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  24. You will also find in Trinidad and Tobago, the tastiest street food in the Caribbean. There are many food choices here, and these local favorites are available throughout the island. Meals are available from roadside vendors, beach bars, and Creole eateries in every town in Trinidad and Tobago.

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  26. Pelau is a stew from Trinidad made with either beef or chicken. The unique flavor comes from searing the meat in caramelized sugar then simmering with rice, coconut milk, and pigeon peas. Serve accompanied by slices of tomato, avocadoes, or cucumber.

  27. Pelau is a stew from Trinidad made with either beef or chicken. The unique flavor comes from searing the meat in caramelized sugar then simmering with rice, coconut milk, …

  28. The spicier the better is often the motto with food items such as curry, though many vacationers might see dishes like armadillo and opposum stew and think the more adventurous the better is the real motto of Trinidad and Tobago. It's true that the food on Trinidad and Tobago is probably unlike anything you've tried back in your home town.

  29. Food is a major part of the people of Trinidad and Tobago's culture, and Trinbagonians enjoy eating good foods while socializing with friendly people. Visitors can learn a lot about the islands through the cuisine alone, and many are in awe of the smörgåsbord of restaurants that are available. Trinidad and Tobago has some of the widest ...

  30. Food inspired by Indian cuisine is now a staple in most s and eating establishments in Trinidad. From the ubiquitous roti, to the ever renowned doubles and of course curried dishes like duck, chicken, and channa and aloo. Other popular *fast foods* of Indian origins are phoulorie, saheena, katchorie, aloo pies, pakoras, and samosas.